Download NANCI: The #1 ABAP and TCO Analyzer App for SAP Customers


Identify Technical Debt and TCO in Minutes with NANCI

NANCI stands for Neutralize ABAP Non-Core Customizations Immediately and was created for SAP customers who require the ability to identify unnecessary ABAP technical debt, while also evaluating the total cost of ownership of their SAP ERP system – regardless of when and if they are moving to S/4HANA.

Using NANCI allows SAP customers to see which ABAP customizations need to be re-mediated, eliminated, modernized or standardized as part of a potential migration to S/4HANA or to visualize the current TCO of maintaining ABAP customizations in SAP ECC.

NANCI also: 

  • Discovers and visualizes ABAP customizations, such as objects, TCODES, methods, RFCs, tables, reports, programs, screens, functions, and data elements in a manner consumable for all stakeholders.
  • Provides total maintenance cost of ABAP customizations for those who remain in ECC or if a company is planning to move to S/4HANA.
  • Provides the total cost of re-mediating ABAP customizations for S/4HANA migrations, giving a clear cost benefit analysis regardless of migration timeline.